Safe transport, without damage

Transport and storage in the right packaging

Protecting fragile, valuable products during air, sea or road transport is done with appropriate customised packaging from Faes.

A case or flightcase made to measure for your unique application

When your company is transporting fragile and valuable products, equipment or parts, you want to be 100% confident that they reach the customer in good condition. Whether they are located near or on the other side of the world. As The Packaging People, we understand this. But we also know that every product, application, sector and transport movement presents unique challenges.

A crate in which you transport dangerous substances by sea has different requirements than a packaging with robust components that is transported by truck. Besides insight into the logistics chain, insight into the practical application is also crucial. For example, does the box itself have a use, what elements must it be able to withstand, does it have to be stackable, does it have to have a customised interior, and is the packaging for one-off use or will it be returned? These factors play an essential role in the design of your customised packaging.

Your specific packaging requirements

When you are looking for a suitable packaging for your product and application, you are already aware of many requirements. However, there are often more important things to include in your list of requirements. The more specific we are in mapping out your needs, the more apt the first design of your packaging will be. At Faes we always aim for first-time-right.

UN certification


For the legal transport of hazardous substances, UN-certified packaging is a requirement. Read about the requirements for UN certified packaging in our knowledge centre.

UN certification


In certain sectors, contamination poses a risk to fragile products. That is why customers demand cleaned or cleanroom-proof packaging. Read more in our knowledge centre.


Temperature & climate

When transporting temperature-sensitive products, the packaging is of great importance in getting the product to its destination in good condition. Read more in our knowledge centre.

Temperature & climate

Dust and moisture-resistant

The required dust and moisture resistance of a packaging depends on the application. Does it only need to be water-repellent or fully waterproof? Read more about it in our knowledge centre.

Dust and moisture-resistant

Fragile products

How fragile (and expensive) the product you want to transport is, will influence your choice of packaging. After all, you want the product to arrive in good condition. Read more in the knowledge centre.

Fragile products

Single-use or reusable

What is the difference between one-way, reusable or even sustainable return packaging? And when do you choose which type of packaging? Read more about it in our knowledge centre.

Single-use or reusable
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Anti-static (ESD)

Static discharge can damage electronic equipment. To prevent Electronic Static Discharge (ESD), suitable packaging material is crucial. Read more in our knowledge centre.

Anti-static (ESD)

Integrated electronics

Equipping a packaging with electronics, so that it is immediately operational after connection to the electricity grid (plug&play). It is possible, with system integration. Read more in our knowledge centre.

System Integration
UN keur verpakking

Dangerous substances and liquids

Special laws and regulations apply to the transport of so-called 'dangerous goods' - such as lithium-ion batteries and accumulators. Read more in our knowledge centre.

Hazardous materials
Wooden pallets, crates or boxes in every possible size. Strong, functional and practical. Our wooden packaging is mainly used for one-way transport.
19 inch racks are made to withstand heat, cold, moisture, bumps, falls and even impact damage, in accordance with military standards.
Sturdy, stackable, durable. Faes flightcases are a safe and durable choice regardless of the shape, type or weight of your parts or products.
Presentation tool, toolbox, repair or assembly kit? Industrial, medical or high-tech sector? Plastic cases are real all-rounders.
Aluminium cases are light, strong and have an elegant appearance. Therefore, they are often used as presentation or demonstration cases.
A crate or case with a suitable interior made of wood, plastic or foam protects your products optimally.

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