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We bring back your return packages in good condition

Cleaning and repair

Packaging has to endure a lot during transport. We have everything to bring your packaging back in good condition.

New, challenging logistics issues

Have you ever thought about how much a package actually has to endure during transport? Well, quite a lot. Bumps, falls, bumps, they are covered with tapes, stickers and self-adhesive document sleeves and loaded and unloaded in all weathers. It’s only natural that your returnable packaging is not as immaculate as it was when it left your warehouse. But, to make the packaging ready for ‘the next round’, it will have to be cleaned and perhaps even repaired. That requires some knowledge, expertise and the right tools. We are happy to do it for you!


Cleaning and repair is one of the logistics services we offer. As soon as the empty packaging from your customer or other sender arrives at our warehouse, it is checked by the right Packaging People for damage and contamination. If necessary and possible, we repair the packaging. In addition, the packaging is completely cleaned using dry ice blasting. This has a cleaning effect through the following three effects: impact, thermo-shock and micro-explosion. The packaging looks as good as new again!

What are the advantages of our service: cleaning and repair?

  • You save valuable square metres of space in your own warehouse.
  • We ensure that the right packaging, in the right condition (cleaned and repaired), is available to you at the right time.
  • If your stock runs short, we will produce additional packaging in our own production facility in Reusel at short notice (by mutual agreement).
  • Our process and service are fully tailored to your logistics process and requirements. Again, fully customised!
  • As a company, you contribute to a more sustainable world, in which the use of single-use packaging is reduced to a minimum.
  • We can even take care of the filling and transport of your packaging (and contents) for you.

Your partner for cleaning and repair


Would you like to know more about cleaning and repair as a logistics service? Or are you curious about the other ways we can unburden you in the area of packaging? Please let us know!

Related logistics services

At Faes we offer you various additional logistics services. Everything to make your work easier.

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During the gluing of a custom interior, the crate or case is already open. Handy if we fill it immediately with your products, don't you think?
We relieve you of all aspects of your return packaging logistics, with tailor-made services. So you can focus on the core business of the company.
Having the right packaging available at the right time and in the right quantity is crucial for a smooth process. We manage your stock.

How can we help you?

Whatever your packaging challenge is, The Packaging People of Faes are here to help. Do you have a question or comment about packaging, our services or packaging management? Fill out the contact form and one of our packaging experts will get back to you quickly!

    Mandy van Alebeek
    Relations manager

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