Transporting less air means lower costs

And it helps you reduce your CO2 footprint

StackAssist is an affordable loading tool that combines advanced functions with ease of use.

Always the best loading sequence

StackAssist evaluates all possible loading scenarios of your orders in no time. In this way, the powerful StackAssist algorithm guarantees the best loading for each order. First priority is given to minimising the number of packing units, then to making optimal use of the available volume.

Plan in several steps

StackAssist takes care of box, pallet and loading space optimisation. How does it work? StackAssist selects the most suitable outer box for the order and calculates the optimal loading of the box. Good thing: the software automatically selects as few cartons and as little empty volume as possible for the carton. StackAssist then selects the most suitable pallet and calculates the optimal pallet stacking. If you use your own transport, StackAssist minimizes the number of transport units and optimizes the loading space. Do you outsource your transport? StackAssist calculates in advance how much loading space or pallet space you will need. If desired, StackAssist also takes delivery sequence into account.

Special transport is no problem

Do your products have special dimensions? No problem, because StackAssist is flexible when it comes to means of transport. Besides the usual container, trailer and truck, there are more possibilities. Think, for example, of train wagons, air or sea freight containers or rollators. It also applies to means of transport that they cannot always be loaded in every possible way. That is why StackAssist offers the possibility to define rules for this such as no-loading zones and weight distribution (e.g. trailer axle load).

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