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Optimal stacking with StackAssist

Every customer order is different and customer requirements are also often varied. The packaging, content, dimensions, composition and order quantity are different every time. It can therefore be quite a puzzle for your warehouse staff to find the most optimal loading and stacking method every time. But it is important, because it saves a lot of money. Sometimes a small change in the customer order helps to find the most efficient solution. But in this last phase of the order process, this is extremely time-consuming and cumbersome. It can be much simpler; with StackAssist.

StackAssist has been developed by Faes: The Packaging People. It is a web-based stacking program, designed to effortlessly and quickly calculate the most optimal loading and stacking method, regardless of the type of transport or the available space. Fitting and measuring is a thing of the past, as your staff are shown the required capacity and the most optimal stacking method immediately upon receipt of the order. This saves an enormous amount of loading time and (hidden) transport costs because less air is transported. Moreover, the customer can be informed proactively about all aspects of his order at an earlier stage. That will certainly be appreciated!

Optimal stacking and loading in three steps

StackAssist optimises in three steps. First, determining the best packaging and its optimal loading. Our software calculates, for example, what the best (re-)box size is for delivering an order. The starting point is to minimise the number of boxes and the internal empty space. Does an order consist of several packages? Based on the size(s) of the boxes and the pallet size, the tool calculates and visualises the optimal pallet stacking.

Next, the order must be transported. In a container, trailer or lorry, but this can also be a railway wagon, roll cart or sea freight container. Regardless of the means of transport and load capacity, StackAssist calculates the optimal loading and stacking method for packages or pallets. Here, too, the optimum stacking combination is displayed visually, so that warehouse workers know exactly how to make optimum use of the loading space.

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With StackAssist, you have everything you need to plan your orders efficiently for picking, stacking and loading. StackAssist also takes transport requirements into account. Philips Healthcare, Frencken and Rf Technologies are examples of companies that have improved their predictability to customers and cut costs in half by using StackAssist.

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