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Cost-saving & efficient packaging, stacking and loading

How does StackAssist® work?

StackAssist optimises transport by efficiently stacking, minimising air transport and transport damage. Our software provides accurate calculations, insight into planning and expected costs. Whether you are looking for palletizing software, container loading tool or a shipping calculator, with StackAssist you have come to the right place. Depending on how advanced you are in your packaging process, you can easily link StackAssist to your existing ERP or WMS system through an API. Save time, money and effort while improving your logistics processes. Welcome to the future of cargo optimisation!

Benefits StackAssist

  Calculate and simulate orders quickly and easily


  Gives more insight into transport plans and costs


  Efficient, fast and safe stacking


  Minimises empty space for sustainable transport


  Minimises damage during transport


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Dozen inpakken met StackAssist
Optimaal stapelen van een pallet met behulp van Stackassist
Optimaal inladen vrachtwagen

Pricing StackAssist

With StackAssist, you have everything you need to efficiently plan your orders when picking, stacking and loading. You can use a 30-day trial period free of charge. You will then discover the functionalities of our entry-level version of StackAssist including some additional modules. You can add these to your subscription at any time.

30 days for free

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Start today and try StackAssist for free for 30 days. Benefit from the entry-level version and a number of additional modules, worth €72 per month.



Per month

Simple calculations to optimise your current processes.                                                                                                                                                                              .

Additional modules


Per month (from)

Use additional modules in your account to optimise your order process even further.                                                                                                              .

Request information about StackAssist

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    Optimal stacking with StackAssist

    Do you have a pallet loading problem or cargo loading problem? If so, discover StackAssist: the solution for efficiently loading any customer order, regardless of complexity. With our web-based software, developed by Faes: The Packaging People, you effortlessly and quickly calculate the optimal loading and stacking method. This means less loading time and hidden transport costs by minimising air transport. Our tool gives you direct insight into the required capacity and stacking method, making fitting and measuring a thing of the past. Moreover, you can proactively inform customers about their order details, which will certainly be appreciated. So you can use the tool as pallet placement software, calculate expected transport costs and create load calculations for boxes, pallets and containers. Save time, costs and effort with StackAssist – your partner for efficient transport management.