Your entire supply chain, under control

With PackAssist you direct the entire chain

You are the director and realise and monitor controlled packaging agreements within the supply chain.

The same packing instructions all over the world

PackAssist is a web-based application and therefore only requires a PC, laptop, tablet or other device with an internet connection to run. This makes it possible to run PackAssist in all packing centres worldwide, so that the same packing instructions are used all over the world. It also offers the possibility to connect customers and suppliers to PackAssist. In this way, it becomes possible to instruct suppliers in the correct way to pack. This makes PackAssist a scalable system.

Synergy with chain partners

We cannot emphasise enough that when synergy is realised with chain partners in this way, a really big difference can be made. By connecting the chain partners to PackAssist, you make it clear everywhere in one go which way packaging should be done. Thanks to this unequivocal, clear communication, you always deliver uniform quality, avoid errors and save on transport costs. This is not the only thing that makes PackAssist a very dynamic program. The possibility of endlessly adding packaging, products, suppliers and destinations also makes this system very flexible. Moreover, changes are implemented centrally and every connected user in the world always works with the latest version.

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