These features make PackAssist user-friendly and effective

Due to the construction and properties of this packaging application

At PackAssist, your company and the users within your organisation are central.

A selection of PackAssist special features

The intuitive interface and visual instructions make PackAssist easy to use, even for inexperienced operators and people with no technical background.

PackAssist is cloud-based software and is offered according to the software-as-a-service principle, which means that you do not need to install any software. This offers advantages in terms of (initial) investment, maintenance and license costs.

Of course, your business, and with it your supply chain, is constantly changing. PackAssist is designed for this. You can add packaging, products, suppliers and destinations to this software at any time.

PackAssistance is a part of PackAssist. With it, we offer you online support for using the application and explanations about the different elements and screens of PackAssist.

With PackAssist, you can easily connect new locations or suppliers. For this you use our master and partner licenses structure. Within just one day, your partners are operational too.

The "I know a better package" registration module from PackAssist gives you valuable input from the shop floor on potential improvements. With just one push of a button, the people on the floor pass on their feedback.

With the PackAssist print module, your company realises that all departments worldwide, and all your suppliers within the entire supply chain, consistently place identical labels at the same positions on the packaging.

The instructions in PackAssist ensure that everyone quickly understands how to pack, regardless of language. We break through the language barrier by displaying the packaging and instructions visually.

All additions and changes are stored and synchronised centrally. This prevents working with outdated versions and therefore reduces the risk of errors.

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