Reduce transport costs with PackAssist®

Up to 40%

PackAssist® matches each product to the most suitable packaging, minimising empty space and the amount of air carried.

The most suitable packaging

PackAssist can also automatically calculate the best-fit packaging for a product, taking into account its fragility. So even if you haven’t defined all the links between products and packaging, PackAssist helps you enormously. PackAssist calculates the packaging with the lowest volume and it is operational within 1 minute.

A continuous improvement process

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In addition, Packassist offers your warehouse staff the possibility to indicate that, according to their assessment, a product is packed in a box which is too big. We call this principle bottom-up registration. The people on the floor have experience with packaging and will therefore be the first to recognise improvements. It is very valuable to involve the ‘eyes on the floor’ in this way and to involve them actively in the packaging policy. In this way, software and people work together to optimise packaging processes.

Practical experience shows that the reductions in transport volume achieved with PackAssist translate into savings in transport costs of up to 40%.

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