Fewer errors and damages with PackAssist

Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.

PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application that ensures that it is always known how certain products in your supply chain should be packed.

Errors due to lack of overview

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In the field of packaging, most errors and damages occur because operators cannot oversee the entire chain. The risk is that they make suboptimal choices, resulting in errors and damages.

PackAssist secures the worldwide packaging policy per product in 1 system. All steps necessary to pack the product are carefully stored.


Visual instructions make it understandable and reduce risks

You define centrally how a product should be packed. Powerful visual instructions easily show everyone on the shop floor how and with which packaging materials the product should be packed. This reduces the number of incorrectly packed products and therefore also the number of transport damage.

By using PackAssist at one of our clients, the percentage of damages has even been reduced by 90%. The more fragile the goods you want to send, the more you will benefit from ensuring packaging management.

Version control of instructions is ensured

Suppose that due to optimisation or changed requirements and wishes from the customer, an adjustment is made to the instructions. Then the question arises: do the instructions at other locations or at your partners automatically change too? Do they know what the latest and correct version is? This is important, because if this data is not up to date, incorrect deliveries will occur. PackAssist guarantees this, because every addition and change is stored centrally and synchronised at every location (worldwide). So every user always has the latest version of every packaging instruction.

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