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PackAssist: uniform, professional and error-free packing

Software for complete control in your supply chain

With PackAssist, you can give uniform packaging instructions worldwide, and people on the floor can think along about improving those instructions.

Communicate and secure your packaging process with PackAssist software

When something goes wrong with the delivery of a product, people often point at the packaging. But is that right? Of course, packaging can have faults, but these are usually caused by the packaging process which is not optimal. In the warehouse, the first package that comes up satisfactory is chosen, empty space is filled temporarily with padding material and labels are stuck on randomly. Goods arrive damaged, incomplete or at the wrong destination. These kinds of mistakes cost companies a lot of money every year, while they could easily be prevented.


With PackAssist from Faes, people on the warehouse floor always have access to up-to-date packaging instructions. By scanning or entering product codes, they are immediately shown which packaging is the best match, how the product should be packed and where the labels should be placed. This reduces the risk of errors and damage, and packaging is always delivered to customers in uniform condition, no matter which warehouse location it is sent from. In addition, because the system selects the best-fit packaging, you transport less air and use less padding and packaging material. This has an immediate positive impact on your costs.

The right instructions ensure an optimal packaging policy

Did you know that many companies can get by with 95% standard packaging? This can be one-off or reusable packaging, but by designing your packaging policy cleverly, a predetermined set of standard sizes is usually sufficient. For extremely fragile, expensive or otherwise non-standard products, fully customised packaging is a good option. Optimising your packaging policy is something PackAssist can contribute greatly to. Because the packaging dimensions are known in advance, you ensure that the right packaging is always available.

In addition to the right packaging, the right packaging method is also important to maintain. For this reason, PackAssist immediately generates the instruction corresponding to a certain product and packaging. These instructions are displayed visually on the screen. This offers several advantages. Images often speak louder than words, which makes following instructions much easier. New or temporary staff can get straight to work, because the programme itself shows what needs to be done. And finally, the instructions are understandable for both Dutch and foreign-speaking personnel.

Optimise your logistics process with PackAssist

Implementing PackAssist in your organisation is very simple and yet it has an impressive impact on your packaging policy. Your logistics processes will run smoother, faster and fewer errors will be made. You also save costs in various ways, including the cost of transport.

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