IPMM (Industrial Packaging Maturity Model)

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With over 35 years of experience, Faes has gained a lot of knowledge in various industries around efficient and sustainable packaging. Based on this experience and knowledge, Faes has developed the Industrial Packaging Maturity Model (IPMM) to give organisations insight into their packaging processes. We aim to provide these organisations with personalised advice and an optimised packaging process.




  We provide insight into your current packaging status

  We provide insight into new laws and regulations

  We offer new knowledge about packaging

  We offer advice on packaging management

Know where you are in terms of the 7 packaging themes

The Industrial Packaging Maturity Model consists of 7 packaging themes, divided into 3 layers, as shown in the figure below. To achieve an optimal and circular packaging process, organisations will need to make improvements from the outside in.

To get a detailed picture of the current situation regarding packaging management within your company, please answer a series of statements for each packaging theme. This will result in an overview of both strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive increases the pressure on companies

Packaging plays a crucial role in the consumption of new matrials. Increasing packaging combined with low reuse and recycling rates are barriers to achieving a low-carbon circular economy.

In 2023, the European Parliament reached an agreement (general approach) on a proposed regulation the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive. These new regulations apply to all organisations that produce or use packaging, and aim to ensure the use of safe, sustainable and recyclable packaging. This puts the packaging management of organisations in Europe under close supervision.

Faes is committed to a circular packaging process and want to make organisations aware of the implications of this regulation by inviting them to complete our maturity measurement.

Our approach includes three steps

Online questionnaire

Complete the free maturity measurement with your organisation and identify your strengths and areas for improvement in the packaging process.

Work session

Analyse the results of the maturity measurement together and define clear problem areas in a guided work session.

Customised advice

Receive customised advice with concrete actions to optimise your packaging process.