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Faes has a solution for every packaging problem

In any sector

We know what the focal points are for appropriate advice and the production of a suitable customised packaging.

Faes knows what is going on in your sector

As The Packaging People we do not only produce high quality packaging, we also help you with all your packaging related questions. We will look for the best protection for your products and advise you on packaging management. If desired, we can also take care of various facility and logistical tasks related to packaging. What your organisation needs depends on the application, which is strongly linked to the sector in which you operate. At Faes we know what is going on in various sectors. This enables us to advise you proactively and we know what the focal points are for producing a suitable tailor-made packaging.

High Tech

Constantly on the move and with high demands on manufacturers and suppliers of components, also with regard to packaging.


Innovative technology brings many benefits to the medical sector, but also creates complex challenges. Faes likes to tackle them together with you.


For the people who are on the 'frontline' of our safety and well-being every day, the proper protection and packaging of materials is crucial.

Active in another
sector? No problem.
At Faes we have a suitable solution for any packaging problem.
Our packaging specialists are happy to think it over with you!

Emergency services

Working fast is vitally important. Not having to think about the vulnerability of tools and trusting in the robustness of the packaging around them is a must.

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Safety & security

Security, control and burglary prevention; not always visible but indispensable. Faes facilitates companies so that this can be done flawlessly.

Meet The Packaging People

Do you want to know more about Faes, our history, vision and our Packaging People? Read all about us here.

Solution-focused packaging for every sector, local or global.

Based on the type of product that needs to be packed and transported, certain wishes and often specific requirements apply. This, of course, differs greatly per branch. The degree of robustness of the packaging can be important, or the simplicity of use of a packaging or packaging solution can be paramount. Also, global transportability is increasingly a must. On top of that, a certain quality mark is sometimes a hard requirement for a company or even applies to the entire sector. Whatever the points of attention, The Packaging People will provide you with appropriate advice.

Because we take a close look at which packaging solution suits you best, we can meet your needs by means of custom work. Moreover, we keep a close eye on important topics such as cost reduction and sustainability. Whether the focus is on optimising the supply chain process, supporting logistical tasks or developing the most suitable packaging for the High Tech or medical industry, Defence or emergency services; The Packaging People have a suitable packaging solution for every challenge. At a Dutch, European and global level.

How can we help you?

Whatever your packaging challenge is, The Packaging People of Faes are here to help. Do you have a question or comment about packaging, our services or packaging management? Fill out the contact form and one of our packaging experts will get back to you quickly!

    Mandy van Alebeek
    Relations manager