Various applications, such as for musicians and audio engineers

SKB Roto Molded 19 inch Racks

SKB Roto Molded Racks are perfectly stackable by their frame

SKB Roto Molded Racks feature a large lid with gasket on front and back for easy access.

The molded protrusions on the surface, create grooves or ‘ribs’ that allow for safe stacking of the racks. Moreover, this allows you to see at a glance what size rack it is.

The SKB Roto Molded Racks with new design are among others very suitable for applications by musicians and pro audio engineers.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Roto Molded for strength and durability
  • Front and back with gaskets
  • Ribs (grooves) for sturdier and therefore safer stacking
  • Recessed latches
  • Heavy-duty recessed handles
  • Hardware included for secure mounting

Check out the specifications of the SKB Roto Rack Series. Are you looking for another model or can you use some help making the right choice? Please let us know!

Article code Description Depth Rack External dimensions Weight
1SKB-R2U Roto 2U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 15,8 cm 4,9 kg
1SKB-R4U Roto 4U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 24,7 cm 6,5 kg
1SKB-R6U Roto 6U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 33,5 cm 8,4 kg
1SKB-R8U Roto 8U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 42,4 cm 10,1 kg
1SKB-R10U Roto 10U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 51,3 cm 11,5 kg
1SKB-R12U Roto 12U Rack 44,7 cm 61,0 x 56,9 x 60,2 cm 13,2 kg
1SKB-R2S Roto 2U Rack Shallow 27,2 cm 41,1 x 56,9 x 14,0 cm 4,0 kg
1SKB-R3S Roto 3U Rack Shallow 27,2 cm 41,1 x 56,9 x 18,8 cm 4,7 kg
1SKB-R4S Roto 4U Rack Shallow 27,2 cm 41,1 x 56,9 x 22,9 cm 5,8 kg
1SKB-R6S Roto 6U Rack Shallow 27,2 cm 41,1 x 56,9 x 32,0 cm 7,9 kg
1SKB RCB 4-Caster Board

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