The all-rounder among plastic cases

FWA-H Series

All your tools and parts at hand in one case

This plastic case can be used for both presentation and transport, a typical all-rounder. This is partly due to the available interior space. By using an intermediate plate, this can be used optimally. It even makes multiple applications possible, in just one case. So you make optimal use of your boot space.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Thanks to polypropylene, resistant to bumps and knocks
  • Easy to stack thanks to lugs on the corners
  • Extra robust thanks to waffle structure
  • With robust, continuous plug-in hinge
  • Softgrip handles for extra comfort
  • Can be printed with your text or logo
  • Available with custom interior

Order your cases in the desired colour. Black, anthracite, silver grey, blue, red, yellow and dark blue. Fasteners and grip in black, anthracite, silver grey, red and dark blue. Intermediate plate anthracite. Prefer another colour? Please let us know.

These cases are available in various versions: with intermediate plate, side locks, a display hinge and/or a trolley system.

Article code Description Internal dimensions External dimensions T S U TR
FAE.004851 FWA-H case 4001 275 x 195 x 70 mm 300 x 275 x 82 mm x
FAE.004852 FWA-H case 4002 275 x 195 x 100 (65/35) mm 300 x 275 x 110 (70/40) mm x
FAE.004853 FWA-H case 4003 275 x 195 x 130 mm 300 x 275 x 140 mm x
FAE.004772 FWA-H case 4010 360 x 228 x 90 mm 390 x 310 x 102 mm x
FAE.004773 FWA-H case 4012 360 x 228 x 135 (90/45) mm 390 x 310 x 147 (96/51) mm x
FAE.004774 FWA-H case 4014 360 x 228 x 180 mm 390 x 310 x 192 mm x
FAE.004684 FWA-H case 4028 465 x 325 x 110 mm 500 x 420 x 125 mm x x x x
FAE.004752 FWA-H case 4032 465 x 325 x 160 (105/55) mm 500 x 420 x 175 (113/63) mm x x x x
FAE.004753 FWA-H case 4036 465 x 325 x 210 mm 500 x 420 x 225 mm x x x x
FAE.004754 FWA-H case 4040 528 x 368 x 130 mm 575 x 470 x 145 mm x x x x
FAE.004755 FWA-H case 4044 528 x 380 x 190 (125/65) mm 575 x 470 x 205 (135/73) mm x x x x
FAE.004756 FWA-H case 4048 528 x 380 x 250 mm 575 x 470 x 270 mm x x x x
FAE.006465 FWA-H case 4054 615 x 435 x 220 mm 665 x 562 x 250 mm x x x

Standard options:
T = Intermediate plate; S = Side lock (with key); U = Display hinge; TR = Trolley system (black)

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