Durable, robust packaging for repeated use

Flightcase - Rock

We design your ideal flight case exactly to size, everything is possible

Flight cases have a sturdy, solid construction. This makes them extremely suitable for all kinds of applications and products. Whatever size, colour or material you want, we will fully customize your flightcase.

Our flightcases can be divided into three types: the ‘Base’ for lighter and easier applications, the ‘Solid’ for frequent transport and heavier loads and the ‘Rock’ for the very heaviest applications, made of very robust material.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Fully adaptable to the application, contents and user
  • Available in three ‘classes’, depending on your application, the size and weight of the products to be transported
  • Flightcases are durable, because they can be reused over and over again
  • Are the panels labelled during transport? We offer repair and cleaning services for our customers
  • Available with a set of wheels to easily move even the heaviest contents
  • Modular system possible; several parts can be linked together and easily disconnected

Check out the specifications of the Flightcase Series. Are you looking for another model or can you use some help in making the right choice? Let us know about it!

Thickness of lid and bottom panel 10 mm
Side panel thickness 10 mm
L + B + H > 2,2 m
Corner profile 35 x 35 mm
Max. load > 50 kg

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The base is the entry-level model of Faes. Reliable and relatively lightweight. This is due to the use of thinner bottom and lid panels and lighter hardware, compared to the Rock version.
Solid is the ideal choice if you are looking for a flight case for frequent transport. It is equipped with 10 mm panels on all sides. The hinges and locks are the same as in the Base version.
A MIO presentation case is fully custom-made. In the desired size, panel structure, top layer, printing and with a custom interior, so that everything stays neatly in place when transporting your presentation material.

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