Sturdy and multifunctional

FHO-ME Series

Double dose of protection

A double layer of protection for your precious contents – that’s what the FHO-ME plastic case is made of. With an interior adapted to your requirements. The double wall acts as an extra layer of protection; if your case is hit or knocked over, the space between the two walls absorbs it and acts as a buffer. This way, the contents remain safe and intact during transport or on the way to your customer.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Double-walled polypropylene resists bumps and knocks
  • Keeps splash water out
  • Can carry up to 40 kg
  • Combination lock, trolley and shoulder strap possible for every size
  • Fold-out handle for carrying comfort
  • Can be printed with your text or logo
  • Available with custom interior

Order your suitcases in the desired colour. Black or grey. Closures in black, blue and red. Prefer another colour? Please let us know.

This case is available in versions with display hinge.

Article code Description* Internal dimensions External dimensions Weight
FAE.004861/FAE.004862 FHO-ME 1000 grey/grey LS 420x290x140 (90/50)mm 455x368x166mm 2.6 kg
FAE.004860/FAE.003758 FHO-ME 1000 black/black LS 420x290x140 (90/50)mm 455x368x166mm 2.6 kg
FAE.004865/FAE.004864 FHO-ME 2000 grey/grey LS 471x346x130 (85/45)mm 534x427x157mm 3.2 kg
FAE.004863/FAE.001361 FHO-ME 2000 black/black LS 471x346x130 (85/45)mm 534x427x157mm 3.2 kg
FAE.004867/FAE.004868 FHO-ME 3000 grey/grey LS 469x344x155 (110/45)mm 534x427x182mm 3.3 kg
FAE.004866/FAE.003359 FHO-ME 3000 black/black LS 469x344x155 (110/45)mm 534x427x182mm 3.3 kg
FAE.004870/FAE.004871 FHO-ME 4000 grey/grey LS 469x344x180 (110/70)mm 534x427x207mm 3.7 kg
FAE.004869/FAE.004626 FHO-ME 4000 black/black LS 469x344x180 (110/70)mm 534x427x207mm 3.7 kg

* LS = with display hinge

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