An elegant, versatile and durable profile case


The FBW AZKR Series; aluminium frame and indestructible corner pieces

Elegant and durable case, based on an extruded aluminium frame and indestructible plastic corner pieces. The fastening elements are invisibly concealed, which gives the case a sleek and modern appearance.

With 10 different standard sizes, there is probably a size you are looking for. Is there not? No problem at all! We design and develop your FBW AZKR profile case to order.

  • Features
  • Specificaties
  • Made of wooden panels, aluminium profiles and plastic corner pieces
  • Exterior can be printed with logo or text
  • The interior can be made to measure. For example with pick ‘n pluck foam, a customised (foam) interior and/or document holders
  • Available in standard sizes, but can also be completely developed to your desired size and finish
  • FBW cases are also available in the styles FBW-AZKE, FWB Supreme and FBW Exclusive.

Take a look at the specifications of the FBW AZKR Series. Are you looking for another model or can you use some help making the right choice? Let us know about it!

Article code Description Internal dimensions Weight
FAE.006228 FWB-AZKR case 80100 1 330 x 260 x 26 (13/13) mm 1.3 kg
FAE.006229 FWB-AZKR case 80200 435 x 335 x 26 (13/13) mm 1.7 kg
FAE.006230 FWB-AZKR case 80300 345 x 225 x 147 (112/35) mm 2.5 kg
FAE.006231 FWB-AZKR case 80400 420 x 300 x 70 (35/35) mm 2.3 kg
FAE.006232 FWB-AZKR case 80450 2 420 x 300 x 57 (35+25) mm 2.2 kg
FAE.006233 FWB-AZKR case 80500 440 x 320 x 111 (76+35) mm 2.8 kg
FAE.006234 FWB-AZKR case 80550 440 x 320 x 70 (35+35) mm 2.5 kg
FAE.006235 FWB-AZKR case 80600 460 x 340 x 147 (112+35) mm 3.5 kg
FAE.006236 FWB-AZKR case 80700 490 x 390 x 147 (112+35) mm 3.8 kg
FAE.006237 FWB-AZKR case 80800 595 x 395 x 147 (120+35) mm 4.3 kg

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