The ultimate packaging interior for tools and machines

EPP interior

EPP is not only strong and light, but also resistant to oils and acids

With a customised interior for your case, crate or flight case, your products are well protected and organised. This way, you transport safely and you have everything quickly to hand.

Customised interiors are made of materials including EPP: Expanded Polypropylene. It has a number of special properties. It is light, shock-absorbing, insulating and resistant to acids, oils and other harmful substances.

EPP is most suitable for high volumes, because a mould has to be made.

Medtronic-EPP koffer
Interieur gemaakt van EPP
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Made of Expanded Polypropylene
  • Strong, shock absorbing and insulating
  • Resistant to oils and acids
  • Extremely suitable for transporting and storing tools and machines
  • Available in any desired colour
  • Due to the start-up costs for making the mould, EPP is particularly suitable for high volumes. Ask us about the possibilities

Take a look at the specifications of the EPP Interior Series. Are you looking for another model or can you use some help in making the right choice? Let us know about it!

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