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EPP Customised case

The lightweight customised

Are you looking for a case that meets your requirements? Then an Expanded Polyproplene or EPP case is the solution. By forming with a mould, you have complete freedom in shape and size.

Customised EPP cases are a favourable option for larger order quantities. The advantage is that EPP is an extremely light plastic material, so that large cases are easy to carry. EPP is not only sturdy but also acid and oil resistant and therefore suitable for machines and tools.

EPP licht verpakken
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Interior can be manufactured in one piece and any shape
  • Extremely light and therefore easy to carry
  • Shock absorbing material
  • Resistant to acids and oils, among other things
  • Available in different hardnesses
  • Hinges and locks of EPP or plastic
  • Finish with etching or laser work as desired
  • Can be provided with a logo in the mould.

Order your cases in the desired colour. When requesting an EPP custom case, you can let us know your preference.

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