Our new General Manager: Rocco Wammes

After holding the position of interim CFO for 3 months, Rocco started as Managing Director of Faes as of 2023. Rocco’s consideration to move from interim to permanent employment at The Packaging People was triggered, among other things, by the inspiring conversations with Johan Faes. In addition, Rocco sees the potential that the family business has. The final motivation for him was the energy of the colleagues. Rocco is an entrepreneur at heart and tells more about himself in this article.

Meet Rocco

“As a 47-year-old, I characterize myself as a part-time adventurer. Freedom is one of the most important pillars in my life. This is therefore expressed in my hobbies: I am an expedition climber and feel at home in the high mountains, but also on the beach volleyball court or the vegetable garden. Together with my girlfriend I live in de Bilt. We like to travel and run an Airbnb in our backyard.”


Extensive experience in financial sector

“For over 24 years I have been working in the financial sector where I have been involved in accountancy, advising banks, pension funds and insurers. I used the experience I gained at PwC and Deloitte for more than 5 years as CFO of a secondment company that mainly provided the financial sector with project managers and financial and business controllers. Providing training was one of the parts that gave me a lot of energy. I think transferring knowledge is one of the best things there is and that stays with people for a long time.”

"From the knowledge and experience, I think it is important that people are empowered. Putting time and energy into discovering where your passion lies is at least as important as all the technical knowledge we have."

Rocco Wammes | General Manager Faes

“For the last 3 years I have started my own ventures and focus on several fun issues as interim financial, risk manager, IFRS expert and coach/speaker. I am also associated with ENDYMION Amsterdam, a cooperative with 12 accountants. Here I fulfill the role of director and compliance officer and deal with various transaction or assurance related assignments.”

Ambitions and transfer of knowledge

“Well,  let’s talk about my new role at Faes. Faes delivers great products and has experienced employees. If we can translate that into reliability and transparency for our customers , then we can grow as a company. That’s where my ambition lies. I have also been asked to share my knowledge and experience with Anouk and Femke Faes, in order to include the family in the operational management. This is again close to coaching and training people, which is one of my passions.”

The conclusion of a workday

“A day is not complete until I get back in the car with the same energy as I arrived in Reusel. The 75-minute drive home are always great moments of reflection and often lead to even more ideas for the next day.”

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