Our new Financial Director: Ralph Mol

At the beginning of 2023, Ralph started as Finance Director at Faes. We got in touch with Ralph at the end of last year. Quickly we started talking about Faes’ background and ambitious plans and how Ralph could contribute to them. He is happy to introduce himself!

Meet Ralph

“My name is Ralph Mol, 48 years old and born and raised in Breda where I live with Suzanne. With Suzanne I have a composite family with a total of 4 daughters. Outside of work I can often be found at our daughters’ field hockey games, as a supporter in the home box at soccer club NAC Breda and I like to enjoy the burgundian life.”


Versatility and challenge

“For over 25 years I have been working in finance. Back then I started in accountancy and then held various positions within Finance & Control. I also worked as an Interim Finance Professional for a while. Finally, in mid-2017, I ended up at idverde Netherlands. There I was responsible for the total optimization, digitization, integration and transformation of all financial reporting and processes. In addition, as Program Manager I was involved with the entire ERP system and the development of Power BI. Acquisitions and total integrations of companies were also part of my responsibility. A challenging, versatile position where I was really able to make a difference for the company.”

"I have come to know Faes as a beautiful company with enormous potential. With great interest and enthusiasm I am working on all the challenges and opportunities ahead."

Ralph Mol | Financial Director Faes

“I also see this challenge at Faes. After the first contact, I was immediately convinced of the possibilities Faes has to offer. It felt right and the click was there right from the beginning. The enormous drive and passion I felt made me very enthusiastic. As soon as I had spoken to a number of colleagues about Faes and the opportunities and challenges it offers, I was convinced. With all this in mind I made the decision to say goodbye at idverde and to start at Faes as Financial Director.”

Taking steps with The Packaging People

“My experiences have led me to present myself as an all-round financial who likes to work with people in the organization to further develop the company. Above all, I’m not an old-fashioned financial who spends all day at his desk building reports in Excel. I prefer to gather management information first and then bring it to life within the organization. I like to work closely with colleagues to further optimize processes and performance. In this way I can make my contribution to the further growth of Faes.”

The conclusion of a working day

“I have successfully completed my working day when I have been able to work together with colleagues on providing insight and optimizing results, projects and (financial) processes. Using my enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge, I enjoy helping colleagues and the overall organization further in their development.”

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