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Faes has relaunched its software solution StackAssist® today. This smart web-based stacking software has been completely tailored to the logistics challenges Faes customers experience. By responding to these needs, Faes provides an affordable stacking and loading tool that combines advanced features with flexibility and ease of use. The tool can be found at

Reducing CO2 footprint

Due to more stringent legislation and regulations in the field of packaging, logistical challenges are increasing. Besides the necessity for safe transport of products, there is a need to have more control over the picking and packing process. All kinds of factors have to be taken into account, such as the stability and handling of the load on one side, while reducing the CO2 footprint on the other. This is an increasingly important issue. StackAssist® enables this by adding efficiency to the loading, stacking and picking of orders. This ensures that as little air as possible is transported, which also reduces costs. Relieving the customer of worries is Faes’ main concern.


Modular way of working with the latest functionalities

The completely renewed version of StackAssist® has been developed with scalability, security and modularity in mind. The customer can decide and activate modules as desired. Various custom components have been made generically deployable in the process, including functionalities such as grouping, API coupling and exceptions. Furthermore, the Web application is easy to use, where Faes anticipates on the desire of intuitive software use. StackAssist® is already celebrating its 10th anniversary, which is why it has also been redesigned with a modern look-and-feel.

Interface to determine transportation costs

As of today, the completely renewed version of StackAssist® is available to anyone who would like to apply a uniform way of working to the logistics process through simplifying and optimizing it. Faes continues to develop in the meantime. StackAssist® is being enriched, for example by an interface with nShift/Transsmart for determining transport costs based on the stacking result provided by StackAssist®. Also, feedback from customers is continuously collected in a backlog, where possible this is converted into the development of new modules which are rolled out release-wise. In short, the wishes of the customer are central to The Packaging People of Faes.


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