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Faes Group, Faes Cases and FPC now have one collective name: Faes.

The Packaging People help you with any packaging question

Johan Faes is proud to share that he has merged his three different business units; Faes Cases, FPC and Faes Group, into one name to be propagated, namely Faes. Due to the rapid growth of this first generation family business, various company names including their own logos, corporate identities and websites have emerged organically in recent years. Despite the unit division, there was always a common goal to help every customer with his/her packaging problem. The employees of Faes -The Packaging People- have therefore always been a close cooperating team. Thanks to years of experience and all the expertise in house, they could often think along with the customer on a much broader level than just supplying a case, crate or flightcase. Exactly for that reason it was the most logical choice to start carrying the same name together; Faes, The Packaging People.

"Our customers are always talking about 'the people of Faes'. Partly for that reason, we decided to stop swimming against the tide by tiring those same customers with names like FPC and Faes Group. The name Faes appears to have become a brand. A brand we are very proud of. Hence this metamorphosis".

Johan Faes | CEO Faes

The reason behind the logical choice

Faes helps its customers to improve in packaging, because smart packaging is an art. And a streamlined supply chain leads to more satisfied customers. Whether you need a solution to transport, store or present products safely or to improve the packing and shipping of your products; at Faes they believe it can be done better every time. With knowledge, experience and creativity they make the solution really fit. Because the secret of customisation lies in good cooperation. Faes, The Packaging People help you with any packaging issue and give advice on how to organise your packaging process more efficiently, practically and sustainably. Because of this reasoning, one name with the same logo, house style and website fitted much better.

"Our customers need to know that they can come to us when it comes to industrial packaging. Not only for the physical packaging, but also for knowledge and advice. The brand name Faes and the subject of industrial packaging should be inextricably linked to each other".

Johan Faes | CEO Faes

A new corporate identity does not happen overnight

Precisely because Faes offers a wide range of different products and services, each with its own channels, communication and look & feel, the challenge was great to transform all this into one. A year was taken out to conduct thorough research among customers, suppliers, partners and employees. In this way, the right message could be captured, which was then professionally designed in cooperation with ‘De Creatieve Afdeling’ in Boxtel. Today the moment has finally arrived that Faes’ new look is shared in all communication with as absolute showpiece the new website: The Packaging People are ready for a successful future!

How it once began

Faes was founded in 1987 by Johan Faes, at the time specifically to build flight cases for musicians, from a shed at his parents’ house. In 34 years time, this has grown into an international market position as a specialist in industrial packaging, with a clear vision on packaging as a process. After some location changes due to the ever-growing team, today they can be found in Reusel in Brabant, a stone’s throw from the High Tech epicentre of the Netherlands, the Brainport area.

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