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Why is early involvement so important?

Corné van de Voort
Key Account Manager
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What early involvement by a packaging specialist can gain for you

As a technical account manager, I am involved in many different projects. Time and time again, I see how important early involvement is. And what it delivers for the customer.

Good work takes time

If I ask you to draw a car in ten minutes, you will probably get a detailed drawing. In two minutes, it’s already more difficult. Let alone if you only have twenty seconds, then it’s already pretty good if you can recognise a car in it. It works the same way with packaging. Let me explain. Often, the development of packaging only comes to mind when the product that needs to be packaged is already finished. If the product is already in the production phase, there is just enough time left for the packaging. Of course, a lot can be done with a bit of trickery. But whether that results in the best answer to your packaging question… A good packaging solution needs time. Exactly how much time is different for each packaging question.

Wat does early involvement have to offer?

The earlier you are involved as a buyer, the more value you can add. You get the chance to benchmark and to look for the right packaging solution. If you involve your packaging supplier in the specification phase, you will achieve even more. He can help you map out the entire packaging chain, so you can better determine the specifications that the packaging must meet.

Because you give your supplier a more complete view of the product and your packaging requirements, you get a better solution. A packaging that optimally protects the new product that so much has been invested in during transport and storage.


Because you are involved earlier, you can also start benchmarking sooner. This prevents budget discussions and hassle afterwards. You are no longer surprised by the assignment to arrange packaging for an x amount. You are in the driver’s seat. Because you make sure that the packaging and the transport are on the Engineering Bill of Materials. With the correct provisional sum.

Unnecessary costs and problems further down the chain

I am convinced that early involvement produces a better solution with an optimum price-quality ratio. If you start working on the packaging last minute, the delivery time becomes the decisive factor. You have to accept the costs that come with a rush order to meet the deadline. There is hardly any time to think about all the details of the solution. Sometimes this can cause unnecessary damage to the product further down the chain. Or unnecessarily high transport costs, for example because the packaging does not exactly fit within the standard dimensions of a pallet.

Why does early involvement work better?

While product development is in full swing, we as packaging specialists already know the ins and outs of the product. This saves time. As soon as the product design is completely finished and all packaging specifications are clear, we can get to work. The order is scheduled in time, so you can count on us having sufficient capacity available. With rush jobs, of course, that’s the question.

Make sure you have a seat at the table on time as a buyer!

Avoid going to work on the packaging at five minutes to midnight. And that you have to settle for the best possible solution. Or that you have to accept that the project will be delayed. You can ensure that the process of developing the packaging is not completely separated from the product development process. So you can match the packaging to the product even better.

Is it about time to involve a packaging expert in your project?

We are happy to assist you of course! Leave your question or request in the contact form below or contact us directly.

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