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Transsmart module in StackAssist

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
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Transsmart module in StackAssist

We at Faes are launching a new complementary module for StackAssist, our stacking tool designed to optimize your stacking, loading and packaging processes. This smart stacking software is expandable with several additional modules, including the new module ‘Transsmart’. This module helps you save money on transport costs and provides transparency.

Thanks to this module, you have the possibility to mean the transport costs of your orders based on the calculated weight and volume. This allows you to find out in advance what it will cost to ship the order. In this manner, you can also discover, for example, that it is more economical not to send a half-loaded pallet as a whole, but to send the products in separate boxes.

In partnership with nShift

All relevant data is sent to Transsmart, an external TMS (Transport Management System) provided by nShift. In Transsmart it is possible to record and maintain all agreements and pricing conditions with your carriers, including track & trace and label printing.

A brief explanation of the module: when the StackAssist Transsmart module is activated, conditions can be added in the Transsmart environment. From now on, in the ‘order result’ screen you can find a new tab page where you can enter address data. Once the data is entered correctly, the tool can calculate the transport costs from Transsmart. The output of this is sent back to StackAssist and provides a clear overview of the transportation options and the corresponding prices. As mentioned earlier, this information allows you to modify the order by adding or removing products. The existing order can be copied, the products ordered can be changed and the transportation costs can be recalculated.

For more information, please contact us using the contact form below or create a free trial account to experience the new functionality for yourself.

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    Order picking is one of the most labour-intensive processes. It is therefore very important that these processes are as efficient and error-free as possible.
    Activate the link in StackAssist on the API settings screen and start processing orders in your webshop!

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