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The top 5 cases from 2017 that impressed us

Re-rail set | Holmatro

The hydraulic tools and systems of Holmatro are used worldwide in rescue operations, industrial applications and special tactics. One of the systems is the Rerailing system, which is used to put derailed trains back on the track quickly, safely and in a controlled way.

In order to transport the demo set of this Rerailing system around the world without damage, they were looking for a high-quality transport packaging. In line with the requirements and wishes of Holmatro, we have produced a sturdy, practical and relatively lightweight packaging for them.


E-bike | Trefecta

Trefecta is an e-bike that will reach 70km per hour, with a.o. the target group Police and Defence. Faes Cases was asked to design a transport and storage packaging to protect the e-bike. The e-bike can be disassembled and fits perfectly in our flightcase with two layers.


Drone packaging | High Eye

The Dutch company High Eye focuses on building powerful unmanned aerial vehicles. They asked Faes Cases to develop a packaging in which the complete helicopter plus accessories can be transported. In the same line we developed a packaging for their tracking antenna. For both cases we developed custom made fixation solutions so everything can be shipped without problems.


Containers | KMWE
The aircraft parts that KMWE supplies are transported in containers that meet special requirements. Because KMWE supplies different parts, an aluminium crate with a flexible interior was chosen.

Lesson box | NRK

NRK is the Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry Federation. Together with C3 Foundation and Faes Cases they designed an attractive learning toolbox to inform secondary school students about the opportunities offered by the rubber and plastics industry and to enthuse them about professions within the rubber and plastics industry at an early stage.

The lesson box is the core of a guest lesson by an industry expert and takes the form of a game that groups of four students play against each other.

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    Sturdy, stackable, durable. Faes flightcases are a safe and durable choice regardless of the shape, type or weight of your parts or products.
    Dust, water, sand, chemicals: a high-quality plastic box can withstand them all. Tools, machines and parts are guaranteed to be protected.

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