Sustainable: having packaging cleaned and repaired

Carlo Leijten
Account Manager
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Reuse packaging infinitely by cleaning regularly and checking for damage

Have you ever thought about having your returnable packaging cleaned and repaired? This sustainable choice will make them like new again and last for years. And, equally important, such a refurbishment prevents shipping errors caused by old address labels and barcodes. Especially with medical equipment, such a mistake is unforgivable. Would you like to know how to turn your returnable packaging into a business card for your company again?

Reusable packaging has to endure a lot during transport and damage to the packaging cannot always be avoided. This does not have to be a problem, as long as the packaged product remains whole and undamaged. But you do want the product to arrive at the right destination on time. And that is where it sometimes goes wrong with returnable packaging. After a while, such packaging becomes littered with old stickers, barcodes, address labels, shipping documents and adhesive tape. Especially in uncontrolled transport, this means a risk of confusion and shipping errors.

Cleaning and repairing returnable packaging

By cleaning and repairing your returnable packaging, you are acting more sustainably as a company. You extend the lifespan of the packaging, thus saving costs and contributing to the preservation of valuable raw materials. It also improves the image of your company and prevents shipping errors and delays. Without all those old sticker residues, your suitcase or crate will look like new again.

Have your packaging cleaned with dry ice

Of course you can do it yourself with acetone and scrapers, but did you know that you can also outsource the cleaning of packaging to a specialist? In a special cabin, all residue is removed from your packaging using dry ice under high pressure. This cleaning process is much kinder to the environment and works fast and effectively. Often the content can remain in the packaging and you will only have to miss your suitcase or crate for a short time.

Especially in these times

The choice for sustainability is now more important than ever. Why invest in new packaging if you can have your existing one refurbished? Returnable packaging is built to last for years, it is a shame to replace such packaging prematurely.

Moreover, this is the time for thinking outside the box. Are there temporarily no trade fairs or trainings? See this as an excellent time to give your exhibition cases, suitcases and flightcases a good refresh. So that you will look good again later on.

Returnable Packaging Service

Faes also offers the service ‘cleaning and repair‘ for suitcases and crates, within our service package Returnable Packaging Service (RPS). You deliver your returnable packaging to us, we check it for damage and clean the outside in our dry ice cabin. If you want to have any damage repaired, we will schedule an appointment for you. You can also have the packaging cleaned in our state-of-the-art cleanroom, so that you can immediately use it in your own climate-controlled space.

Next, we will send the packages back to you. We can also put them on stock or send them directly to your customer. It is up to you!

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    Packaging has to endure a lot during transport. We repair and clean your packaging to bring it back in good condition.
    With our logistics services, we will help you meet all your packaging challenges!
    During the gluing of a custom interior, the crate or case is already open. Handy if we fill it immediately with your products, don't you think?

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