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Smart Customisation: StackAssist® always fits into your logistics process

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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A load optimisation tool is often designed for standard situations. If you have a specific requirement or wish, it quickly becomes very difficult or you are dependent on a fully customised solution with an associated price tag.. StackAssist has a smart and affordable solution for this, working with a core and broker:

StackAssist logoStackAssist consists of two layers. The inner layer, the core, is where the calculations take place. An algorithm for efficient stacking and calculating all kinds of scenarios. For example, the algorithm takes into account both product dimensions and stacking and transport requirements. Around this, a second layer is programmed, the broker. Here, your own specific business situation is translated into the ‘StackAssist language’.

Slim en betaalbaar

By using a core and a broker, a custom solution can be realised smarter, faster and cheaper. The broker is actually a translation table that provides a seamless translation of the data from your system to the StackAssist core and vice versa. This way, no adjustments are needed in your system and in the StackAssist core. This saves time and money, and you automatically benefit from new developments and additional functionality in the StackAssist core in the future.

Example from the flower sector

A recent example comes from the flower sector, where people work with so-called container codes. These codes indicate the basic size of the packaging in which the flowers or plants are offered and serve as a means of communication between the supplier, auctions and buyers. Moreover, flowers and plants cannot be stacked, but are put in carts with adjustable shelves.

Example of specific customer output in the flower sector

When our client in the flower sector switched to StackAssist, employees did not have to change their working methods. They could still enter the known container codes in StackAssist. The broker takes care of the corresponding length, width and height measurements. Besides the container codes, the loading order is also very important in the flower sector: first the flowers, then the plants. This requirement has also been included in the translation table.

Subsequently, the broker was put around the core so that our customer always works with the latest version of StackAssist.

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    StackAssist supports you in the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. This minimises loading times and transport costs.
    Experienced staff member or temporary worker; everyone can work with this stacking tool. Even language is not a barrier, as the best way to stack is immediately displayed visually on the screen.
    When entering an order, StackAssist already indicates the number of boxes, pallets, weight and volume. You can therefore plan the required FTEs, shelf space and transport in advance, and so can your customer.

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