25% meer winst door het aanpakken van DOA’s

Research: 30% more profit by tackling DOAs

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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E-book: here’s what tackling DOAs will bring you

Defects On Arrival, products and components that arrive at your customer already damaged. It is not only a major source of irritation, but also an enormous cost item and a frequent cause of reputation damage.

For many manufacturers, tackling DOAs is not yet a priority. A missed opportunity, because by tackling DOAs you can save between 2 and 5% in costs. Depending on your turnover, the damage can run into millions of euros!

A number of consequences of DOAs in a row:

  • Direct costs for repair, remanufacturing and (return) transport.
  • Additional costs for handling the complaint. For example: discussions between sales and the customer, administrative and logistic handling.
  • Claims from customers when you cannot meet the Service Level Agreement (processes, machines and software that come to a standstill as a result).
  • Lost sales due to customers selecting a different supplier next time.
  • Reputational damage because your customer shares negative experiences with potential customers.

Download the e-book and increase your profits by tackling DOAs too

Prof. Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel, together with Faes, investigated a few years ago what costs Defect on Arrival’s (DOA’s) bring along and what this can mean for your company.

Do you want to finally tackle DOAs properly? Download the e-book via the form below and read all about it!

Download the e-book

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    By using our transport service, you save time, space and therefore costs. We are happy to help you think about more efficient transport.
    PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application which ensures that it is always known how your products are to be packed. Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.
    Most errors and damage occur during packaging because operators cannot oversee the entire chain. With PackAssist, every user has insight and the packaging policy is secured.

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