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Reduce transport damage with StackAssist

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
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Reduce transport damage with StackAssist

It’s becoming all too common: companies facing damage to their products in transit. The trade term used for this is Damage on Arrival (DOAs). Products arrive damaged to customers after transportation. Whether it’s broken glassware, damaged electronics or dented goods, the costs and frustrations of damage in transit can be quite significant. But what are the causes of these damages and more importantly how can companies address this problem?

Where do things go wrong during transport?

One of the main causes of transport damage is incorrect stacking of pallets or not optimally loading containers and trucks. When products are not stacked stable and secure, the risk of damage increases significantly. This happens, for example, when too much weight rests on the packages, the stack is too high or larger packages are placed on top of smaller ones. In addition, the weight and fragility of products is often not adequately considered, making them especially susceptible to damage.

Introducing StackAssist

At Faes, we understand the challenges companies face with transportation damage. That’s why we developed StackAssist. The software tool helps companies optimize their logistics processes and minimize damage. StackAssist takes into account factors such as product weight, dimensions, fragility and stacking patterns to ensure that pallets, containers and trucks are loaded efficiently and safely.

Prevent DOA’s

With StackAssist, companies can reduce DOAs by safely stacking products and observing their specific characteristics. This ensures minimized shipping damage and improved operational efficiency. In StackAssist, you can configure specific stacking instructions for each product, such as whether anything can be stacked on top of it, how much weight the box can support and whether the box can be tilted. By taking all these variables into account, StackAssist significantly reduces the chance of shipping damage.

What’s in it for you?

The result is not only a reduction in costs and waste, but also an improved customer satisfaction and reputation. As a packaging partner, we help companies optimize their logistics processes. With StackAssist, we offer a solution that contributes to an efficient and, above all, reliable supply chain.

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    Order picking is one of the most labour-intensive processes. It is therefore very important that these processes are as efficient and error-free as possible.
    Activate the link in StackAssist on the API settings screen and start processing orders in your webshop!

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