Proper packaging according to cleanroom standards

Corné van de Voort
Key Account Manager
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Do you know what to pay attention to when it comes to cleanroom packaging? To avoid not meeting the required quality standard of the packaging or packaging your product more cleanly (and therefore more expensively) than necessary, it is good to know how to assess this. We have clearly summarised this for you.

Download the free white paper and read: 

  • When a clean room is needed and when not;
  • What the difference is between reusable and disposable packaging;
  • What classifications and cleanroom requirements there are.

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    Aluminium cases are light, strong and have an elegant appearance. Therefore, they are often used as presentation or demonstration cases.
    Sturdy, stackable, durable. Faes flightcases are a safe and durable choice regardless of the shape, type or weight of your parts or products.

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