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Partnership with your packaging specialist achieves the best results

Corné van de Voort
Key Account Manager
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Faes as a partner: what does that mean for you?

What defines a good partner? As far as I am concerned, it is pleasant personal contact, involvement and trust in each other. A real partner supports you, thinks with you in terms of possibilities and also gives unsolicited advice if he thinks this will contribute to the project. My colleagues at Faes and I are such partners.

Of course you want to deliver your product to the end user in optimal condition. So you start looking for the ideal packaging solution. A packaging specialist who thinks along with you as a partner from the development phase through to production and dispatch will help you achieve this. Together, we will develop the perfect packaging solution for you; packaging that optimally protects your product and ensures that it arrives at your customer in optimum condition.

The development of a good packaging solution takes time

In a previous blog about the necessity of early involvement, I already told you how important it is to get on board with a packaging specialist at an early stage. Preferably during product development. The earlier we start, the more influence we can still exert on the end product, which benefits both quality and price.

Sometimes we advise a customer to make the packaging slightly more compact so more can be fitted on one pallet. This can save a lot of transport and storage costs.

Corné van de Voort | Key Account Manager at Faes

A packaging partner discusses requirements which you had not yet considered

For the development of the packaging, you list all the packaging requirements together with your packaging specialist. During a meeting, we often ask questions which our customer had not yet thought of. 

For example: does your product need to be protected against extreme heat or cold, against shocks or vibrations or against high or low air pressure? Because what use is it if your product is beautifully packed, but does not arrive at its destination in one piece? In addition, the size of the packaging is important. Sometimes you can save a lot of transport and storage costs by making the packaging slightly more compact. For instance, by ensuring that your packaged products fit precisely on a standard pallet.

A partner guides you from start to finish and beyond

What if an order turns out to be slightly different from what you had anticipated? Your customer orders a different quantity after all, or your product design has to be adapted last-minute. Is your packaging specialist there for you? I dare to answer ‘yes’ to this question for myself as well as for my colleagues. The packaging specialists of Faes support you in the development and production process from start to finish. We are not satisfied until you are, but even after that you can count on us.

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As a true partner, we remain involved even after the packaging development

Suppose we have developed the perfect packaging for you and put it into production. Is your packaging solution then complete? I dare say not. Because the added value of a packaging partner often lies in the period afterwards. At least, that applies to my colleagues and myself. We remain involved with a customer; we are curious about the experiences with the packaging, want to know what issues you are still facing and give you advice on how to further optimise your packaging process. We go the extra mile.

Experience the added value of an involved packaging specialist yourself!

Of course I can tell you about the added value of our way of working, but it’s even better to experience it yourself. During an informal talk with me or my colleagues you can get to know Faes personally as a packaging partner. You can also read the experiences of our customers.

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