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PackAssist® rewarded with a prize at the NL Packaging Awards 2018


The jury acknowledged PackAssist® as a promising tool in the field of packaging

We attended the presentation of the NL Packaging Awards 2018 in Hilversum. And not without reason: our application PackAssist was nominated in the innovation and technology category and… won a prize!

What is PackAssist®?

A well organised packaging process takes the entire logistics chain into account. Modalities, destinations, sensitivities and the environment are all factors which can have an impact on the choice and use of packaging. PackAssist® is a web-based solution which focuses on the packaging process throughout the entire chain. The tool can be linked to existing systems such as WMS and ERP. It provides a controlled and transparent approval process for the introduction of new packaging.

We are very pleased that the jury has recognised PackAssist® as a promising revolution in the packaging industry and we thank them for this great award!

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    PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application which ensures that it is always known how your products are to be packed. Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.
    You are the director of the supply chain. PackAssist is the tool that helps you to monitor, control and visualise packaging agreements in the chain with clear packaging instructions.
    Most errors and damage occur during packaging because operators cannot oversee the entire chain. With PackAssist, every user has insight and the packaging policy is secured.

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