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PackAssist implementation at Philips Healthcare

Business Case
Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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How we optimised the supply chain of Philips Healthcare

One in three DOAs (defects-on-arrival) at Philips Healthcare was packaging-related. Therefore, Philips was looking for a way to standardise and simplify its packaging supply chain.

Philips Healthcare has a complex international supply chain when it comes to spare parts and repacks. As a result of growth and various acquisitions, inefficiencies were slipping into the spare parts supply chain.

Implementation of PackAssist

Since then, the implementation of the PackAssist packaging tool has helped optimise (and secure) the packaging supply chain. Also ‘upstream’ in the supply chain, PackAssist secures the packaging process by connecting UPS chain partners; Philips’ only transport partner.

Read the complete business case of Philips

In it you will read:

  • What the problem at Philips Healthcare entailed;
  • How their inefficient supply chain was optimised;
  • How PackAssist was linked to their existing WMS and ERP systems;
  • What PackAssist brings to Philips Healthcare;
  • How the timeline went: from start to go-live in 4-6 months.

Download the business case of the PackAssist implementation at Philips Healthcare via the form below!

Download the business case of Philips Healthcare

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    PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application which ensures that it is always known how your products are to be packed. Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.
    StackAssist supports you in the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. This minimises loading times and transport costs.
    Most errors and damage occur during packaging because operators cannot oversee the entire chain. With PackAssist, every user has insight and the packaging policy is secured.

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