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More efficient supply chain: the benefits of good packaging management

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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The big names in the high-tech industry are making increasingly higher demands on the way they want to receive goods from their suppliers. Due to inefficiencies in the supply chain, not all suppliers can meet these demands. Good packaging management offers a solution and many advantages.

For many suppliers in the high-tech industry, it is an enormous challenge to fulfil the specific delivery requirements of OEMs time and again. A wrong label, a damaged product, a wrongly chosen packaging; a human error is easily made. But errors are ruthlessly rejected and put pressure on the cooperation. And this while they can easily be prevented with a well secured packaging policy.

Securing and communicating packaging policy

If you want to significantly reduce the risk of rejection, sustainable packaging management is the solution. Guarantee the packaging policy of your components and articles in detail throughout the chain, so that you can be sure that everyone is packaging in the right way. This will result in a lot of profit. There are smart software programmes on the market that calculate the optimum packaging for each product. The optimal packaging is as small as possible and offers the product optimal protection.

Improve your performance with good packaging management

The choice for the best fitting packaging is then no longer made by the operators, but by a sophisticated programme. Everyone in the company works according to the same packing instructions, uses the optimum packaging and the products arrive undamaged. Your company will benefit from this, and its performance will improve significantly. Let’s zoom in on the benefits that can be achieved if you go for good packaging management.

More uniformity and professionalism

Reduction and standardisation will prevent a proliferation of packaging. This helps your employees to keep an overview, creates a professional image and will bring considerable benefits in the field of purchasing and stock management. Did you know that in practice in 95% of the cases a small, standardised set of packaging is sufficient? Only the other 5% require customised packaging.

Less mistakes and damages

Your performance improves enormously when the right product arrives at the right destination undamaged. The system automatically selects the smallest packaging, taking into account the fragility of the product. This means that the operator/employee does not have to do this himself, which means that the chance of errors becomes nil and the risk of damage decreases dramatically. Especially in fast-growing companies, with many new employees, a clear packing instruction can make the difference.

Lower transport costs, less CO2 emissions

The best-fit packaging ensures lower transport volume; you send far less air. An important saving, because the transport costs in particular weigh heavily on the total bill. And it is also more sustainable.

Better control of the supply chain

Good packaging management means making clear packaging agreements throughout the chain, so that your packaging policy is applied in the same way throughout the chain. This gives you much better control of the supply chain. With a good software system, you can ensure that everyone receives the correct packaging instructions, always and everywhere, completely up to date.

Frencken Europe also opts for good packaging management

Frencken Europe is a supplier of mechatronics to international OEMs in the healthcare, semiconductor, analytical and industrial automation industries. We help Frencken to optimise, secure and communicate its packaging policy, specifically for the service departments of a major semiconductor customer.

In the past, Frencken’s strict packaging requirements, which differed from its standard packaging method, meant there was often a lack of clarity in the packaging process. We implemented PackAssist and drew up crystal-clear instructions for both standard service parts and specialties. The result is even higher performance at Frencken.

Want to know more?

Are you also curious about what good packaging management can bring your company? The specialists at Faes will be happy to advise you. Feel free to contact me or one of my colleagues.

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    We make customised corrugated packaging in-house. From small to large quantities, from single corrugated cardboard to three-layer triwall.
    StackAssist supports you in the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. This minimises loading times and transport costs.
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    PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application which ensures that it is always known how your products are to be packed. Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.
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    Packaging that perfectly matches your supply chain is an art in itself, but implementing it so that everyone on the shop floor always packs in the same professional way is even more so.
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