Gebrek aan inzicht in uw orderhoeveelheden en transportkosten

Lack of visibility into your order quantities and transportation costs?

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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Lack of visibility into your order quantities and transportation costs?

In the current business world, efficiency and transparency are critical to success. Businesses strive to understand every aspect of their operations, from the number of orders to the size of those orders and the associated transportation costs. Every detail plays an important role in the pursuit of streamlined operations.

Challenges in logistics transparency

Many companies struggle to keep track of how many orders they process and the total cost of transportation. This lack of transparency often leads to unexpected costs and inefficiencies in the logistics chain. Not understanding these logistics details fully can lead to unforeseen challenges and loss of resources.

StackAssist: the solution for logistics insight

Corporate transparency is becoming increasingly important and StackAssist offers just that. It enables companies to better monitor and manage their logistics processes. With StackAssist, companies are always aware of the status of their orders and the associated transportation costs, providing more predictability and better planning.

Tevreden medewerker magazijntransport

The power of integration with Transsmart

StackAssist offers a powerful solution to these challenges by using nShift’s Transsmart module. This integration allows companies to combine order sizes with transportation costs, resulting in a complete overview of their logistics processes. Companies know immediately after placing their orders the size of the order, which transportation is cheapest and with which transportation provider the order will be shipped. As a result, companies always have the lowest price for their transportation.

In summary, StackAssist provides companies with the tools they need to make their logistics processes more transparent and efficient, resulting in streamlined operations and lower costs.

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    Faes launches a new complementary module today for StackAssist, our stacking tool designed to optimize your stacking, loading and packaging processes. This smart stacking software is expandable with several additional modules, including the new module 'Transsmart'. This module helps you save money on transport costs and offer transparency in this.

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