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Bottom-up packaging development at Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt

Colruyt Group is a large Belgian supermarket chain with many shops and almost 33,000 employees in various countries, including Belgium and France. Efficiency and simplicity are of paramount importance at Colruyt, both in the shops and behind the scenes.

Every year, all ICT equipment in Colruyt shops is updated by the IT department. This includes cash register systems, PDAs, scanners, weighing scales, but also 40″ displays for promotional purposes. These go to the service centre in Halle for an update and check. Because the means of transport for the new 40″ displays was not adapted, ‘Defects On Arrival’ (DOAs) occurred regularly.

A perfect packaging concept requires a broad outlook

The loss incurred for new screens was high and Colruyt was therefore looking for a new, suitable packaging solution. For this they called in our help. In order to be able to offer the best possible solution, we immersed ourselves in Colruyt’s logistics process from the very beginning. By listening, thinking and asking questions, we were able to ascertain their exact needs and together succeeded in coming up with a perfect concept.


Faes’s bottom-up approach to development

Accurate coordination and cooperation with the customer is essential to achieve an optimal solution. Faes attaches great importance to getting to know the logistical process, determining the guidelines for the packaging concept together and asking for feedback when a plan or prototype has been developed.

The process started with a rough set of requirements that the packaging solution had to meet. Some of the requirements were:

  • The solution must fit within the current logistics flow: Colruyt uses trolleys that are linked together like train wagons.
  • All three different types of 40″ displays must be able to be placed in the same package, regardless of the combination.
  • The screens must be protected on all sides.
  • The user must be able to manoeuvre easily in confined spaces. The prescribed safety rules at the workplace must be observed.
  • The packaging must be usable by one person.

On the basis of these requirements, a prototype was developed. This was then tested for a few weeks. After that, feedback was requested from all parties involved within Colruyt Group.

Online proofing Colruyt flightcase

Faes proved itself in this process by acting as a partner. Listening to the employees on the floor not only ensures a better solution, but also a good feeling. Faes' guidance in this was very good. In short: a successful project!

Ludo Vandendoorent | Colruyt Group

From prototype to end product

After the test period with the prototypes, the feedback was processed. The concept was then submitted to Colruyt via our Online Proofing system (our web-based method for assessing and approving designs). The trolleys then went into production.


The final solution

The solution offered by Faes is a flight case integrated in a slightly modified Colruyt trolley. This not only solved the damage problem but also immediately improved the ease of use.

  • The removable partitions create a free division of compartments and allow the three types of screens – each with different dimensions – to be positioned independently of each other.
  • When the lid is closed, all the screens are enclosed in the foam. As a result, nothing gets damaged during transport.
  • The lid is split into two parts. This eliminates the need to lift a heavy load. Moreover, it is easier to handle in small spaces.

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