Faes as chain director of logistics ecosystem at Brainport Industries Campus


Our vision of future-proof logistics becomes reality

Outsourcing chain management to one central party, who ensures that logistics processes within and between companies run more efficiently. If it is up to us, this is the future of logistics and the role that we as Faes will fulfil at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven. In April 2021 we have taken over this task from the former logistics service provider at BIC: Rubix.

Brainport Industries Campus als hightech hotspot

Brainport Industries Campus does not want to be just a business hub, but a high-tech hotspot for technology companies, developers, training institutes and a breeding ground for innovative start-ups. This combination creates synergy in all sorts of areas. One of the opportunities that results from this is an increase in scale; through purchasing combinations, knowledge sharing and joint use of (valuable) space and resources. BIC initiated the innovation programme ‘Factory of the Future’, including the field lab Advanced Manufacturing Logistics (AML), which Faes joined through the cooperation we already had with our contractor KMWE, an important supplier to ASML and also located on the campus.

A state-of-the-art AML system

One of BIC’s goals was to realise a state-of-the-art AML system on the campus, in which the logistic flows would be optimally supported at all times. This would benefit such manufacturing companies in the high-tech industry, but at the same time it would also demand something from them, for example; transparency and openness in prices, sources, knowledge, orders and other internal information.

It takes a switch and a lot of mutual trust to combine the logistics of different companies on the campus into an optimally functioning ecosystem. It is therefore important that all partners who have a role in this understand the essence and believe in the concept. Initially Faes was only going to take on the 4PP (4th Party Packaging) aspect, but after the withdrawal of logistics service provider Rubix, it was agreed that we would take care of the entire 4th Party Logistics for Brainport Industries Campus.

Courage and belief in 'tomorrow's logistics' are essential for the transition to a new, future-proof vision of logistics. We must dare to have a long-term vision.

Johan Faes | CEO at Faes

What are the benefits of this ecosystem for hightech manufacturing companies?

Packaging and logistics are not part of a company’s core business and outsourcing is expensive due to the complexity and variety of the products. With the help of the logistics ecosystem, we are able to create unity in the logistics process despite – or because of – this variety, and this yields a great deal in the bottom line. What are even more advantages of this logistic ecosystem?:

  • One central point of contact for all questions concerning your logistics processes.
  • We are also an authority in the field of (sustainable) packaging and packaging management. When we say ‘complete service’, we really mean ‘complete’. We can think along with you from A to Z.
  • Reduced risk of damage and improved delivery performance.
  • Prevent claims from clients due to non-compliance with SLAs.
  • By synergising with like-minded companies on Brainport Industries Campus, you can make use of each other’s knowledge, resources, space and people, achieve purchasing advantages and save (transport) costs.
  • We ensure that the logistics fit your business processes and use innovative technology to do so.
  • Fewer unnecessary logistic movements, transporting less air, using sustainable packaging materials. And therefore: jointly achieving sustainability goals, including reducing CO2 emissions and waste.

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