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End-to-end branding thanks to PackAssist print module

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
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For a flexible supply chain

As a high-end or retail brand, your branding is essential. You build a consistent image by doing the same thing over and over again, in the same way. Brands like Givenchy, Nike, Adidas, Supreme and Louis Vuitton have written ‘brand books’ to create uniformity for a reason.

Large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) now also use professional brand books. The roll-out to their supply often remains behind in the professional field. You notice this in the appearance of installation or ‘spare part’ packaging.

The first impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And the packaging plays a major role in this. Consistency is also key in the industrial environment. A beautiful, shiny packaging is not a must for an industrial customer, but a professional and consistent appearance is greatly appreciated and contributes to a positive brand perception.

When people think of a professional look, they often think of beautiful boxes with an identical design. Correct, but the labelling is also very important! It contains all the important information about your product such as name, item number and barcode.

Identical labels at the same position

In order to support this professionalizing effort, we have developed a print module within PackAssist. With this print module, your company ensures that all departments worldwide, and all your suppliers within the entire supply chain, consistently place identical labels at the same positions on the packaging. The exact location is shown in animated instructions in PackAssist, which simultaneously print out the correct uniform label in the design you want to project as a company.

Moreover, this module is so intelligent that you can determine, both within your company and per supplier, who should or should not work with your labels. You have complete and central control via one application.

Watch this short video in which the PackAssist print module is explained in detail:

Direct implementation in case of change

The biggest advantage of this print module is that a change in design or content (which happens more often than expected) is immediately implemented globally and supply chain-wide. Without extensive communication or misunderstandings. This saves a supply chain or marketing department an incredible amount of work and aggravation.

Automation and assurance

A good first impression due to a professional appearance is one of the advantages of our PackAssist print module. But consistent and professional labelling has more:

  • Automation throughout the supply chain becomes more efficient and less error-prone with uniform bar-coded product labels;
  • Linking product label printing forces operators to go through the entire PackAssist instruction and registration process, thus ensuring consistent quality and branding in the process.

PackAssist logo
Re-packing because the label is wrong is a thing of the past. Switch to the PackAssist print module and optimise your supply chain! 


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    PackAssist is an intelligent web-based application which ensures that it is always known how your products are to be packed. Complete with detailed visual packaging instructions.
    Packaging that perfectly matches your supply chain is an art in itself, but implementing it so that everyone on the shop floor always packs in the same professional way is even more so.
    With PackAssist, your company and the users within it are central. View a selection of features that make PackAssist the user-friendly, effective tool that it is.

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