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Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
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Software as a Service' helps SKB save considerably on logistics costs

SKB Europe distributes American plastic and aluminium cases throughout Europe and is based in the Netherlands. Every day, a large number of shipments are dispatched. For example, to large customers such as Bax-Shop and Amazon, who have their own logistics requirements. SKB also uses a large number of transporters, each with their own transport rates and requirements. 

Besides taking into account individual requirements and wishes, it is also important for SKB to limit the logistic costs where possible. An optimal load factor can make a big difference. That is why they switched to StackAssist®, our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for developing efficient loading plans. Thanks to StackAssist®, SKB now sends all its shipments out into the world as efficiently and cheaply as possible.

Application of StackAssist at SKB

With the help of StackAssist, we have been able to significantly reduce SKB’s logistics costs. In this case, it was about the packaging and transport of 6 different products, including a pedalboard and guitar cases. A total of 21 pieces. We’ll show you the difference between two cost figures, one without and one with the use of StackAssist.

By applying StackAssist®, SKB saved almost 37% on their logistics costs of one order. They now use our software for all outgoing shipments.

Erik Drissen | Business Consultant at Faes

1. Price overview: without StackAssist®

Warehouse staff, using their own judgement, bundled the products into 4 packages of different sizes that met the constraints of the carrier. The chosen carrier has certain transport requirements, including maximum dimensions and maximum volume/weight per package. The total logistics cost of this manual loading was €77.59.

2. Price overview: load optimisation with StackAssist®

Thanks to StackAssist®’s stacking advice, SKB Europe achieved better loading of cartons and pallets. StackAssist® takes into account transporter-specific restrictions and rules in order to achieve the most efficient loading. These can be, for example:

  • Maximum dimensions;
  • Maximum volume/weight per package;
  • Transport costs;
  • Restrictions on the use or non-use of certain (more expensive) packaging.

In addition, the accuracy of the calculations was also increased by means of calculation time and the number of iterations (number of repetitions within a defined time frame). When they want to quickly estimate a price, the accuracy is reduced. When they actually start to load, it is increased.

And the result?

The outcome was positively surprising. Only one type of packaging was required that met the size and weight limitations of the carrier. The transport costs were reduced to €49.08, a difference of €28.51 compared to the manually packed order. A cost saving of 36.7%. By using StackAssist® for all outbound shipments SKB were able to make an even bigger financial impact!

How much can you save on your logistics costs?

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    StackAssist supports you in the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. This minimises loading times and transport costs.
    With our logistics services, we will help you meet all your packaging challenges!

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