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Connect your webshop with StackAssist in 3 steps

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
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The API for complex stacking and consolidation requirements

A webshop means distance selling, so products have to be packed and shipped. Connecting with StackAssist not only helps to do this as efficiently as possible, it is also easier than you might think.

Step 1: Determine what you want to automate

Depending on your wishes, it is possible to automate different parts of your webshop with StackAssist. Think for example of your order entry and assortment. You can continue to do this manually, but it will cost you extra time. It also increases the lead time of an order.

Do you have a static assortment? Then upload it once in StackAssist via XLS. With a dynamic assortment, it is better to enter it in StackAssist via the automatic link.

Step 2: Set up the connection

To automate the order submission process, you must ensure that an XML is sent from your system. That XML must contain the following variables:

  • Order ID
  • Product codes
  • Ordered quantities

Using our translation module, we ensure that StackAssist “understands” and can process the XML input from your system. For the API connection, we have the documentation available as standard. Would you like to have it sent to you? Then please contact us.

Step 3: Activate the connection

Activate the connection in StackAssist on the API settings screen. You are now ready to process orders!

The result

  • With every order, you have the best fitting shipping box instead of a ‘good guess’. This choice is often made under time pressure and is therefore extra error prone. StackAssist helps you reduce volume and padding per shipment.
  • You no longer have to puzzle over how to place items in a box. You pack faster and more efficiently with StackAssist.
  • Possibility to implement the “pick to box” method in your process. The items then come to the order picker, not the other way around.
  • A coupling with your TMS can even ensure that you can immediately print the shipping label. After all, you already know the volume and weight of the order when you receive it.

Connecting to the StackAssist API is thus very simple, while StackAssist can also handle more complex stacking and consolidation requirements.

Want to know more about StackAssist? Check out the benefits and rates for small and large businesses here.

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    StackAssist supports you in the efficient planning and execution of order picking, stacking and loading. This minimises loading times and transport costs.
    Take a look at the different software packages and their rates. We will be happy to tell you about the possibilities and functionalities.
    Recently, the StackAssist application has been enriched with the new translation module, which allows for an optimal packaging translation.

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