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3 quick wins to optimise your logistics process

Erik Drissen
Erik Drissen
Business Consultant
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Are you looking for ways to improve your logistics process?

Then take a look at the role packaging plays in your organisation. The number of repackaging moments, the amount of air you transport, transport damage due to incorrect packaging; often the impact of packaging on your performance is greater than you think. In this blog I describe 3 quick wins to optimise your logistics process.

1. Direct insight into the exact number of pallet spaces

How efficient would it be if you could order transport as soon as the order is entered? And not on the basis of an indication, but on the actual number of pallet spaces and load metres? I am convinced that this would work better and provide clear cost savings. Just think about it. If you overestimate, you pay for load metres that you do not use. If you underestimate the number of metres, you have to book extra metres in a hurry.

There is software that shows you immediately when you enter the order how many pallet spaces or load metres are required for transport. In this way, you do not make your transport plans on the basis of estimates or trial and error, but on the basis of facts. Can you imagine how much peace of mind that would bring to transport planning? And how much you can save? You can plan your FTEs more efficiently and minimise loading times and transport costs.

2. Visual packing instructions

Training new employees takes time. Often, the chance of error increases, as does the chance of damage, because they still have to master the process. Logical, but the annoying thing is that your customer doesn’t care. They naturally expect you to always deliver quality, even if you have to scale up quickly when things get busy.

I also have a practical improvement tip for this. Make sure you visualise your packing instructions. Then your new employee will be operational immediately, even language barriers do not play a role. Your employees don’t have to puzzle over the packing, no high level of knowledge is needed to understand the instructions. This makes you much more flexible; you can scale up more quickly to adapt your capacity to the demand. The familiarisation time is shortened and the chance of mistakes is reduced. This is ideal!

3. Quotation including exact transport costs

How convenient would it be if, during the quotation phase, you could already tell the customer exactly which packaging and how many pallets the order contains? So that you can issue a quotation including transport costs? Not based on an estimate made by your logistics employee, but based on an exact calculation?

There are programmes that calculate this for you at the push of a button. Your logistics people no longer have to puzzle and estimate which packages are needed and how many load metres they take up. And your account manager can inform the customer of the exact costs in detail. It can be that easy!

Faes helps you to implement these quick wins

We have advanced applications that help you improve your performance and organise your logistics process even more efficiently. Would you like to know more about this? Please feel free to contact me or my colleagues by filling in the form below. Of course, you can also e-mail or call us.

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