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With the perfect presentation case as an effective marketing or sales tool, you will make a good impression. These custom-made cases are also excellent for educational purposes.

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Cliché or not: the first impression counts! When you visit customers or fairs as a salesperson, you want to be presentable, organised and well prepared. If you want your product presentation to run smoothly, a good demonstration tool is indispensable.

A custom-made presentation case from Faes can serve as a display, with a custom-made interior. We can even fully integrate your electronic product into the case. Present your product directly in working condition: plug&play! Besides product presentation, a custom-made case is also perfectly usable for educational purposes. Our Packaging People will design your case as compact, light and handy as possible. You can easily take this training case to any training location and all your tools and supplies are safely and neatly stored away.

Solutions for any application

When you are looking for a suitable packaging for your product and application, you are already aware of many requirements. However, there are often more important things to include in your list of requirements. The more specific we are in mapping out your needs, the more apt the first design of your packaging will be. At Faes we always aim for first-time-right.

Integrated electronics

Equipping a packaging with electronics, so that it is immediately operational after connection to the electricity grid (plug&play). It is possible, with system integration. Read more in our knowledge centre.

System integration


For some applications, the eye also wants something, which is why our customised cases are available in various materials and colours, with personalised processing and printing.

Presentation tool, toolbox, repair or assembly kit? Industrial, medical or high-tech sector? Plastic cases are real all-rounders.
Aluminium cases are light, strong and have an elegant appearance. Therefore, they are often used as presentation or demonstration cases.
For a good first impression, the product packaging is indispensable. So choose a stylish, appropriate, but also practical case or promotional bag.
A crate or case with a suitable interior made of wood, plastic or foam protects your products optimally.
Contact Ben, our packaging specialist for customised solutions

He can tell you everything there is to know about the perfect presentation or training case for your company.

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