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Xerox is a global leader in document management and offers the most comprehensive range of technology, consulting services and solutions in the industry. As a result, Xerox also has a wide range of customers. The Ministry of Defence is one of them.

What was used

Packaging problem

Dutch military personnel go on missions all over the world. Often temporary camps are set up there, where office equipment such as printers, internet and servers must be used. Xerox copiers must also be transported to, for example, Afghanistan. These fragile devices must be able to withstand the transport well. The package of requirements also included that the copier must be able to be used in small spaces such as a truck.

Packaging solution

Roads in mission areas are often different from the highways we are used to here. That is why the flight case has a springy bottom plate to absorb shocks.
In addition to proper transportation, the solution also takes into account the ease of loading and unloading the copier in the flight case and the ease of loading and unloading the flight case in a truck, ship or plane. The lid is filled with accessories and can be removed completely. It is then possible to remove the halves separately, without having to lift the case all the way over the copier. This makes it possible to unpack the copier even in small spaces.
On the bottom, omega profiles have been mounted so that the crate can be transported with a forklift without it sliding off the forks. The copier is held in place during transport by foam sections.

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