The story behind the case of Chess

This is Chess

Chess began in 1988 as a design and development studio for hardware and software solutions. Soon they discovered the power of wireless infrastructures. Chess developed Mymesh; a unique, secure and scalable network protocol for various professional environments.

What was used

At Chess, as engineers at heart, they love everything that has to do with R&D. With their progressiveness and technological developments they want to make the world safer, more efficient and more sustainable. A company after our own heart and therefore a natural match with Faes.

A professionalisation of system integration

It allows thousands of devices to be connected, managed and operated simultaneously. Mymesh was developed in-house and is used by Chess to connect, analyse and control thousands of lamps. To demonstrate this to their partners and dealers, they used presentation tools that did not do their product justice. Time for a professionalization!


A clean package with unique identification

A solid demonstration case with system integration

We developed a demo case especially for Chess, in which the lighting fixtures and control module are integrated. By means of a controller they can put on and take off the power themselves. The case was such a success that Chess now supplies the cases, produced in series by Faes Cases, to partners and dealers all over the world.


Together with Bart Burmanje, we looked for a way to present our solution to our customers in the most effective way possible.

Ian Losekoot

Watch the video in which Ian demonstrates the case

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