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This is Signify

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. Signify's products include Interact, a custom cloud-connected lighting system based on Philips hardware components.

“Interact Recreational Sports controls the lighting on sports fields, for example. If a training session or match is planned, you can book it into the Interact system in advance so that the lighting automatically switches on when you arrive. At the right strength, because less lighting is needed for training than for a match, you can even light up half a pitch to save energy. With Interact you control all this with one push of a button,” says Frank Keunen, expert outdoor control lighting systems and recreational sports lighting at Signify.

“In order to demonstrate the operation of this product to new customers, I had assembled a steel switch box myself. A large switch box on wheels, so heavy that I couldn’t lift it in and out of my car on my own. Not really practical to use. What’s more, the cabinet was pretty battered by now. We often sent it out in a wooden crate to customers all over the world, but it often came back without a crate and full of dents.”

So Signify came to Faes with the request to develop a set-up. “I wanted to have the entire technology built into one handy case, so that I could perfectly imitate reality during my presentation.”

A case with system integration

“Even more so, the customer can use it himself to experience how easily the technique works. The development process did not take me long, I only had to draw the flowchart for the technology in the case. I already slapped the design in the third meeting, that’s how smoothly it all went.”

“Sales manager Bart Burmanje went through in detail with me what was needed to present the system without a hitch. So now I am always and everywhere online thanks to a built-in SIM card. Compared to the control cabinet, my case is a lot more compact and lighter, and yet it contains everything I need – there are even two small demo lights built into the lid. Only if I really want to unpack, I take some extra parts with me, then I connect 2 real LED sports light fittings of 1700 Watt to the case. I can explain the operation of the system very well with this case. On Bart’s advice, there is a window in the lid of the case, so that the customer can also have a good look at the demo fixtures. Moreover, this allows me to precisely point out the function of each component during a demo or training. We chose a sturdy but handy trolley on wheels, which is very practical for transport. Furthermore, the case is now also suitable for training purposes. It contains an extra set of buttons, in which some system errors have been deliberately built in. These have to be tracked down during training, a very handy functionality for us.”

"I really wanted to have all the technology built into one handy case, so that I can perfectly mimic reality during my presentation."

Frank Keune

A case with the wow-factor

“Whether you explain the operation of our system or actually show it to them makes a world of difference. Now that prospective customers can operate the system using their own telephone or laptop, they are immediately sold. The reaction is invariably ‘I want that too’. This case with system integration makes my life a lot easier. My back is happy with it, finally no more lugging around that enormous switch box, and moreover everything I need is neatly contained in one case. And last but not least, the case radiates one and all professionalism and quality, now I really put something beautiful on the table. I can’t wish for a better introduction!”


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