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This is Pure Care

Pure Care is a brand of cooperating pharmacists. This is a facial cosmetics brand with products for cleansing and caring for the face with every skin type. Exclusively available at pharmacies.

Packaging problem

DThe Pure Care products were packed in a beautiful pink showcase. This case was made of cardboard and the 13 products were, at first glance, nicely packed. But during the introduction, more and more complaints about the cases came in from the regional managers. The products were not fixed and fell out. In addition, the cases got dented through intensive use. As it is necessary for the sales representatives to make a representative impression on the customer (the pharmacists), an alternative had to be found at full speed.

Packaging solution

Faes signed up for this solution. It was clear that a sturdy, representative show-case was desirable, so that the products would not spontaneously fall out. A chic, transparent PVC case was chosen, with a pink printing sheet with the Pure Care logo on the inside. The 13 products are displayed in a white foam interior, divided over the two case halves.

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