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This is ITHO Daalderop

At Itho they work every day to make it more enjoyable for people to live, work and play with innovative climate systems. Solutions in the field of temperature, healthy air and hot water in the living environment. In doing so, they let people and environment go hand in hand. Itho shows that these two apparent opposites can be combined effortlessly. Itho continuously works on this under the motto: 'Climate for life'.

Packaging problem

One of Itho’s many products is the Aquamax, the new standard for energy-efficient and user-friendly high performance combi boilers. Itho was looking for a service case for the Aquamax containing the replacement parts for the high efficiency combi boiler. This service box is intended for external service and installation technicians. It was important that the case would be sturdy and that the contents and the case itself would not be damaged during use or transport. Itho also wanted to give the case its own look and ensure that it would be one with the product, the Aquamax.

Packaging solution

Faes chose to recommend a non-standard material that would cover all the requirements. It became EPP (expandable polypropylene). This material provides a solid, but also highly absorbent case. The material dents and then returns to its original shape. In addition, the material makes it a lightweight case, so that the installer does not have to “carry” any unnecessary weight. A good combination of ease of use and reliability.

EPP also has the advantage of a great deal of freedom of form. This gave Itho the opportunity to give the case its own look, respecting the Itho house style, right down to the colour of the closures.

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