Ministry of Defence - Defence Materiel Organisation

This is Ministry of Defence - Defence Materiel Organisation

The Ministry of Defence consists of the navy, army, air force, military police, command service centres and the Defence Materiel Organisation. In this case, it is an assignment of the Defence Materiel Organisation. They are responsible for the defence materiel: from procurement and major maintenance to disposal. The DMO also takes care of the internal materiel policy.

What was used

Packaging problem

One part of the F-16 fighter jet is a radar antenna to determine its position. This is a very expensive and sensitive part. In the past, the Ministry of Defence used a wooden box to transport this radar antenna. This, of course, brought great risks with it. The chance that the product would arrive at its destination with defects was quite big. The Ministry of Defence was looking for an alternative that would considerably reduce the chance of dead-on-arrival.

Packaging solution

Faes has chosen a 3R plastic case from SKB for this. This case is made of polyethylene using the roto-moulding method. This makes the box very strong because the corners can be reinforced. This box is very suitable for applications in harsh conditions because it is air-, water- and dust-tight. The radar antenna is mounted on a wooden construction plate with handles, so that it is easy to take it in and out of the box. In order to absorb shocks during transport as much as possible, the construction plate is mounted on the springy base plate by means of advanced clamps. In short, a considerable improvement.

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