Ministry of Defence - Military Medical Logistics Centre (MGLC)

This is the Military Medical Logistics Centre (MGLC)

Part of the Ministry of Defence is the Military Medical Logistics Centre (MGLC). MGLC in Heerenveen supplies pharmaceutical articles, military medical equipment and medical devices. MGLC contributes to an optimal deployment and medical care of the Dutch armed forces, all over the world and under all circumstances.

Packaging problem

The ready-made operational units of the Ministry of Defence needed a standard for the Corpuls monitor (Patient Monitoring System) and a transport packaging for this Corpuls and the standard. Because of the need to work in a limited environment, the development was based on the view that the packaging should become a part of the entire system. In addition to the Corpuls and the standard, the packaging must also accommodate a suction device, an infusion stand, the oxygen supply and various consumables. In addition, the entire unit must be uniquely and easily movable and must be able to be brought quickly into operational condition.

Packaging solution

Faes made the ingenious design for the coffin in close cooperation with the MGLC (represented by the Knowledge Centre for Medical Services). The coffin consists of two separate parts, which can be joined together when standing upright. The front part contains all the equipment needed to keep an eye on the patient. The Corpus can be set at eye level to improve working conditions. The oxygen bottle is in the rear section, which also does not need to be in sight and also ensures a high degree of stability in this compact solution. By law, this bottle cannot be transported together with the monitoring system. This is why the box could be made as compact as possible. A separate hanging ‘click’ system was also designed for the monitoring system, so that it does not need to be transported on the charger. Naturally, the crate is fitted with wheels and a pull handle. Side handles are also fitted to make it easy to set the box upright and make the ready-to-use unit operational immediately.

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