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CyberFreight International is a prominent player in the international transport and logistics industry. As an expert in air and sea freight, it has improved its processes for packaging pharmaceutical products with the implementation of StackAssist. In this customer case, where we talked to Henny Merceij, Business Development Manager at CyberFreight, you can read about CyberFreight's challenge and need, for which StackAssist provided a solution.

Transport challenge with temperature-sensitive products

The challenge at CyberFreight was particularly in the storage and transport of sensitive pharmaceuticals that need to be stored and transported at a certain temperature. This makes it complex and requires a precise and efficient approach. The need to pack and ship products temperature-controlled with minimal packaging waste has led to a constant quest to improve the packing process.

Faes’ StackAssist software solution proved to be a solution for CyberFreight. Through its simple interface and using the handy calculation tools in StackAssist, CyberFreight employees can generate efficient packing instructions, thereby optimising packaging material and minimising use.

The power of additional modules

CyberFreight has significantly improved the efficiency of their packaging processes by integrating several complementary modules. The M001 Excel module has replaced the manual data entry process with an automated system via Excel, speeding up data loading and making crucial calculations more efficient. This improved workflow is supported by the M002 PDF module, which distributes pick lists in PDF format in the warehouse, simplifying packing. This module also improves customer communication by providing clear information about orders, resulting in increased transparency and efficiency. In addition, the M003 Matching Codes module ensures correct packaging allocation for temperature-sensitive products, and the M004 Valuation module is essential for identifying cost-effective packaging solutions. Together, these modules enable CyberFreight to optimise their operational processes and provide superior customer service through faster, more accurate and cost-effective operations.


The collaboration with Faes

In their search for a way to optimise their packaging processes, they discovered StackAssist from Faes. The introduction and implementation went extremely smoothly, partly thanks to the clear information on Faes’ website that quickly matched their needs. Henny Merceij, Business Development Manager at CyberFreight, confirms this: “What we were looking for was indicated very quickly on the website and was clear. That you guys offer that. And then you quickly stick around.”

Henny also notes, “The contact went well. And if you are already looking for something customer-focused, onboarding already becomes easy. We were already convinced we needed a tool like StackAssist.” This experience highlights StackAssist’s efficiency and Faes’ effective customer service, which instils confidence in potential customers about the user-friendliness and support they can expect.

The future with StackAssist

The organisation is already experiencing improvements in productivity and customer service since implementing StackAssist. The software enables them to respond quickly and accurately to customer queries, which ensures increased customer satisfaction and a stronger market position. These benefits have convinced them to recommend StackAssist to other companies, anticipating further growth and integration within their operational processes. They therefore hope to use the software tool to serve their customers ever better with future operational improvements.

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